How To Prepare Jasmine Green Tea

Jasmine green tea dates back to the Sung Dynasty in the third century when it was first seen in China but it only became popular after 1,000 years when the health benefits of the tea was discovered and local therapist in China, Japan & Hong Kong started using it to prevent and cure certain diseases.
Preparing a fine jasmine tea is just like preparing every other green tea drink, the only difference is the addition of the jasmine tea leaf and with jasmine flower and you won’t need to add honey since the jasmine flower will scent and sweeten the taste of the tea plus the addition of the health benefits of the jasmine flower like stress and anxiety relief.
To prepare jasmine green tea drink, you can use oolong tea, white tea, black tea or any other green tea as the base but most prefer using green tea leaves since the taste and scent of the jasmine flowers are more effective on green tea and the oolong tea is commonly used but for the hard tea drinkers that wants a lot of caffeine in their tea, you can use the black tea though black tea is bitter but contains more caffeine than any other type of tea but regardless of the tea you chose, you should be able to use same method to brew and blend a fine jasmine tea.
To prepare a jasmine green tea, you will need:

1.       Green tea leaf (oolong tea preferably)
2.       Jasmine flowers
3.       Pure Cold Water
4.      Tea Kettle
5.      Tea Pot
6.      Tea Cup
7.      Tea Spoon
8.      Tea Strainer
Remember that the dosage is 1 tea spoon of loose tea leaves to 1 tea cup but for white jasmine tea, you should use 2 tea spoons to 1 tea cup.
Preparing you Jasmine Green Tea:
First, you need to pluck succulent and fresh green tea leafs in April from the tea plants, dry and store them till August – September when the jasmine flowers will be ready, pluck them in the jasmine blossom flowers in the midnight or in the early morning when they are still full and very fresh then mix it together with the green tea leaves and leave them for about 4 hours so that the tea leaves will absorb the sweetness and scent of the jasmine flowers then do it for about 7 – 10 times in a month under a natural mild sun for the tea leaves to fully absorb the contents of the jasmine flowers or you can bake them about 4 times but natural method is highly recommended, after this process then you will obtain your loose tea leaf.
When you have done that then you are ready to prepare you jasmine green tea by following these simple instructions.
1.      Pour the pure water or spring water into your tea kettle and place on heat (never use microwave) and for best testing, use filtered tap water or bottled spring water to remove chlorine.
2.      Remove from heat after few minutes and let it cool for about 30 – 60 seconds because unlike other tea, green tea will produce a bitter taste with boiling water, so… just make the water to be warm or a little bit hot.
3.      Bring out your clean and dry tea pot and pour 2 – 3 grams of green tea (1 tea spoon) and if it’s a pre-portioned green tea, use 1 tea bag for a tea pot.
4.      Then pour the warm or hot water into the tea pot and allow for about 2 minutes, longer time will infuse stronger taste in the green tea.
5.      If you are using a loose leaf tea, place a strainer over each tea cup to avoid any unwanted loose tea leaf though some tea pot now comes with a strainer.
6.      Now stir each cup with your dry and clean tea spoon then you can drink.
If you want to get a full guide with videos on how to prepare jasmine green tea for weight loss, then click here to check out the make your own green tea guide.
Precious Ngwu
Green Weight Loss Tea Expert

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