Does Green Tea HP Work?

Actually, they is a lot of debate on green tea HP whether it actually works or whether it’s just a hype and moreover, most green tea drinkers keep asking if green tea HP is better than ordinary green tea and if green tea HP will help you lose weight?
Well, I’m going to try to answer some of those questions now, green tea HP is an enhanced form of green tea and just like ordinary green tea, green tea HP has a lot of weight loss and health benefits which you will also gain if you are drinking ordinary green tea.
So, the fact is that green tea HP works but not most green tea drinkers will like to drink a company made green tea as most studies have said that natural green tea drink made from ordinary green tea leaves are better than green tea HP but that totally depends on the company that is producing the green tea HP.

Green Tea HP for Weight Loss

Green tea HP is a blend of highly concentrated green tea, noni juice, pomegranate juice, resveratrol and trace minerals, the green tea HP is an instant green tea weight loss and health supplement. Each box of a green tea HP contains 60 pixies of Green Tea HP and each pixie contains 1,000 milligrams of green tea extract and that means that each box contains 60,000 milligrams of green tea extracts making it so nutritious and highly effective for weight loss and also very effective on the health benefits of green tea.
One of the greatest benefits of Green Tea HP is that each pixie contains over 500 mg of polyphonels and over 200 mg of EGCG, which means you get all the health and weight loss benefits of over 20 cups of regular green tea. Green Tea HP's twenty delicious flavors taste great both cold and hot.
Comparison of Green Tea HP to Ordinary Green Tea
1.       Green tea HP in many ways have comparison with ordinary green tea and it also have a lot of advantageous benefits over ordinary green tea that makes more effective both in the weight loss and health benefits of green tea.
2.       Some of the advantages of Green Tea HP over Ordinary Green Tea include:
3.       Green tea HP does not contain any preservatives or artificial colors
4.       Green Tea HP tastes greater whether cold or hot unlike most green tea drinkers that tastes bitter when made with cold water

How To Prepare Jasmine Green Tea

Jasmine green tea dates back to the Sung Dynasty in the third century when it was first seen in China but it only became popular after 1,000 years when the health benefits of the tea was discovered and local therapist in China, Japan & Hong Kong started using it to prevent and cure certain diseases.
Preparing a fine jasmine tea is just like preparing every other green tea drink, the only difference is the addition of the jasmine tea leaf and with jasmine flower and you won’t need to add honey since the jasmine flower will scent and sweeten the taste of the tea plus the addition of the health benefits of the jasmine flower like stress and anxiety relief.
To prepare jasmine green tea drink, you can use oolong tea, white tea, black tea or any other green tea as the base but most prefer using green tea leaves since the taste and scent of the jasmine flowers are more effective on green tea and the oolong tea is commonly used but for the hard tea drinkers that wants a lot of caffeine in their tea, you can use the black tea though black tea is bitter but contains more caffeine than any other type of tea but regardless of the tea you chose, you should be able to use same method to brew and blend a fine jasmine tea.
To prepare a jasmine green tea, you will need:

Jasmine Tea Benefits

Jasmine tea is the most scented tea formed from Chinese green tea as the base and jasmine blossom flowers which adds the sweet scent and some health benefits of this tea. The green tea leaves plucked and dried around April are normally mixed  together with the jasmine flowers which are often plucked around August when they are fully open till the tea absorbs the flower scent and to speed up this process, they are often baked several times to ensure a strong fragrance.
You mix the jasmine flower with any kind of Chinese tea like oolong tea, pu-erh tea, white tea black tea or any other organic tea but the jasmine flowers taste best with green tea and that’s why 90% of the jasmine teas are made from Chinese green tea as its base.
Jasmine tea benefits are a lot ranging from weight loss benefits which is the most popular benefits ranging to the health benefits like prevent tumor and cancer, preventing cavities and tooth decay in children, boosting the immune system and reducing the amount of cholesterol in the blood.
And in this topic, I am going to give you the benefits of jasmine green tea.